When you join our program at level 2, 3 or 4!

We're excited you're looking at our program and would like to offer you FREE BONUSES when you join at level 2, level 3 or level 4 and above.  Anyone can join at level 1 but we would like to reward those who are serious and have a bit more "skin in the game." Check out these awesome free bonuses only being offered by Joseph at

At level 2 - You will get a custom texting video that you can use to promote anything. Whether it be a website, facebook page, product or service. It could also be used as a birthday greeting. Whatever you want, (just so long as it's not illegal, unethical or considered harmful in any way.) You provide the script between the 2 people, images, etc. and we'll put it together. A $200. + value. Here's a couple of examples. 

At level 3 - We will create a custom message for your website with avatar Aaron who greeted you on this page or Aditi who greeted you at They will be your assistant by providing guidance to your website visitors. Aaron or Aditi will welcome them, let them know of any specials or highlight any of the features and benefits you have to offer. Do you like the idea of an avatar but don't like their voice? No problem. You can send us a recording that you make on mp3 and your avatar will deliver your message with your voice.

Refresh this page if you'd like to see Aaron in action again.

Free avatar for your site

At level 4 and above - You will get both a custom texting video and avatars Aaron or Aditi!

To get these bonuses, Just send us an email before you enroll with your intention. As soon as we confirmed you joined from our pdf and "are official," you can send us your requirements and we will consult with you to put them together.

Don't know what the levels are? Don't have the PDF yet? What are you waiting for? Download the pdf now. You'll learn a great way to make some good money from home, (profits not wages), and score these really cool bonuses.

It takes a lot of time to create your bonuses. They are available until the timer runs out. 


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